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Our health is one of the most valuable things we have. Actually, it’s priceless. No doctor has ever healed anyone of anything alone – it’s the human immune system that ultimately heals us. Strong immunity, while crucial for preventing and fighting illness, is also a key component to living a healthy, balanced, and happy life. But, how can you tell if your immunity is strong enough? No worries – we have all the answers you need. What are the signs of a strong immune system? And, how can you boost your immune system naturally, if it’s weakened? Time to find out!

What is an “immune system”?

The immune system is a complex network of cells, tissues, and protein that defends our body and helps it fight infections and other diseases. Explained in simpler words, your immune system is your body’s version of the military – sworn to defend against all who threaten it, both foreign and domestic, with some really interesting soldiers that make this possible. The immune system keeps “a record” of every germ (microbe) it has ever defeated, so it can recognise and destroy it quickly if it enters the body again. 

What does it mean to have a “strong immune system”?

Before we dive into the signs of a strong immune system, let’s see what having a strong immunity even means. The immune system is like any other system of the body –  each has a vital function for their human “host”. A strong immune system has both powerful adaptive and innate immunity, working together to protect the body from foreign invaders. When an immune system is strong, the nasty viruses and bacteria don’t stand a chance. When it’s not, the floodgates are wide open. But, how can you tell if you have a strong immune system?

Signs and symptoms of a weakened immune system

The immune system’s job is to protect us against pathogens and keep us as healthy as possible. For most people, it succeeds in doing so. But, sometimes, the immune system doesn’t work as well as it should. If you are immunocompromised it means you have a weakened immune system, making you much more susceptible to illness, temporarily or permanently, depending on the cause. But, what are the tell-tale signs that your immunity is not strong enough?

Health and illness history

It’s okay to occasionally catch a cold or the flu – it’s actually a sign of a healthy immune system doing the work. But, if you’re experiencing frequent or recurring illnesses, it could mean your immune system’s weak. Another sign of a weakened immune system is if the sickness lingers longer than it normally would.


When your immune system struggles, so do your energy level. You know that burning the candle at both ends is bound to leave you feeling slow and tired. But, if you’re getting enough rest and still suffering from exhaustion, your immune system might be trying to tell you something.

Slow healing

Minor wounds like burns, cuts, and scrapes usually heal within about five days. However, if your wounds take much longer to heal, it could be a sign of a weakened immune system.

How can you tell if you have a strong immune system?

Your body shows signs of a strong immune system pretty often. One pretty common example is when you get a mosquito bite. The red, bumpy itch is actually a sign of your healthy immune system at work. But, in some cases, it’s difficult to tell. For example, you would probably consider your immunity to be strong if you never get sick. But, this can actually be an indication that your immune system is suppressed. Do you really have a strong immune system? Here’s how to know for sure.

Signs of a strong immune system

There are a few indicators of strong immunity. Here’s how to recognize them:

You get sick from time to time

Every time your immune system fights off an infection on its own, your immunity gets stronger. It’s like an exercise! It makes more antibodies specific to that infection, thus, making your personal army of natural defenses more numerous, specific, and effective. 

You heal quickly

If you sometimes sniffle for a couple of days or get a tickle in your throat, but it doesn’t turn into a full-blown cold, this is a sign of a strong immune system catching the virus and attacking before it causes any more problems. If you typically recover within a week even when a nasty invader gets you, it means your immunity was able to learn about the antigens and successfully fight them off this time around.

You sleep well

What does sleep have to do with strong immunity, you might ask? Well, being able to sleep soundly throughout the night is one of the signs of a strong immune system, because it demonstrates your body’s ability to regulate sleeping patterns.

Can an immune system be too strong?

There are some conditions where an immune system can get too strong. For example, allergies and asthma occur if the immune system is overreacting. Autoimmune disease is also a consequence of an overactive immune system. 

Tips on how to boost your immune system naturally

If you haven’t recognized any of the signs of a strong immune system as part of your well-being, it might be time to boost your weakened immunity. Your immune system has been protecting you all your life – it’s time to return the love. How can you boost your immune system and offer a helping hand, in a safe and natural way?

Get enough sleep

Sleep deprivation increases the stress hormone – cortisol, which suppresses immune function when its levels are elevated. Giving your body the rest it needs, at the right time, allows your immune system to repair itself and grow stronger.

Keep track of your diet

If you pay attention to what goes into your body, your immune system will reap the benefits, and signs of a strong immune system will follow. Ensure you get all the vitamins your body needs through a variety of healthy foods. After all, 80% of your immune system is located in your digestive tract. You can always enrich your nutrition with natural immune supplements, to give your immune system a little boost, safely and naturally.

Exercise regularly

Exercise has been shown to improve different components of the immune system and also increase immune function. When you work out regularly, your body’s antibodies and white blood cells are more alerts and active, thus ready to fight!


The saying goes that laughter is the best medicine, and there’s truth to that. Laughter releases dopamine and other feel-good chemicals, all of which can help decrease stress – an enemy of a strong immune system. A few minutes of laughter a day may not keep the doctor away but may boost your immunity.

How to get a strong immune system? 

Your immune system develops over time and adapts to your environment. There are many lifestyle choices that can be made to help you boost your immune system naturally, making the signs of a strong immune system crystal clear and present at all times!