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S. Tait
It came earlier than planned!

I use Immunocare to boost my immune system and it also, I found, actually lowers cholesterol! My doctor suggested that it might be that that is helping my bad cholesterol stay low. All kinds of health care workers use it.

Totaly Helped

Rheumatoid arthritis is a condition I have had for a long time. I have been on a series of pharmaceuticals that in themselves are long term debilitating. I was introduced to Immuno-Care by a friend. I was unable to sleep in bed for years and had to sleep sitting up, and of course this was not the quality sleep I needed. I tried the product at 2 caps per day and within 2 weeks I noticed a great deal of relief. After 3 months I was weaned off my drugs, back sleeping in my bed and feeling so much better. I ran out of the product and had not bought it for 2 weeks, at which time my condition worsened and I was suffering terrible pain. I immediately went back to Immuno-Care and within a week I was feeling relief again. I will never go with out Immuno-Care again.

Prostate problems

I have been suffering with prostate enlargement for some time and thought it was one of those conditions men had to put up with. I was introduced to Immuno-Care through a friend and to be honest I had a bottle for some time before I reluctantly decided to try it. To my astonishment and excitement it worked with in a short time, relieving many of the bathroom visits and allowing for increased flow. It also has relieved a lung condition and cough I have had for 20 years. It works and it is easy to take.

Energy Boost

I was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago. I have been on many supplements since then to manage my condition. My naturopathic doctor gave me the Immuno-Care and I noticed a big difference within a week. I had increased energy and could do a lot more activity about the house as a result. My thoughts were clearer and my balance was better. I have been on it ever since and it is one of the supplements I plan to stay on. I would definitely recommend this product to someone else. I have definitely noticed a remarkable benefit since taking this.

Arlene N.

It really helped lower my cholesterol. Took two a day for three months.