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Great so far

Multiple benefits

Well something that not only provide you with probiotics but also keep you happy with Ashwagandha & care for your heart! Amazing ingredients, waiting to see the promised results & very positive. Pricey thou

Canadian Company, interesting mix of ingredients

This review is for the Sterochol - Probiotic Stress and Heart Healthy Formula - Ashwaganda Stress Relief - Balance Cholesterol In An Already Normal Range - Promote and Support Cardio Health - Can Be Used in Conjunction With Statins - All Natural Plant Sterols - Cardio Supporting Probiotic

According to the description, this supplement does it all (my words not the company's):

-Probiotic for lowering cholesterol and gut health
-Ashwagandha for stress relief
-Plant Sterols for heart and gut health - I looked up PLANT STEROL so you don't have to. They are substances that are similar to cholesterol but are made in plants. They're found in the highest amounts in vegetable oils, nuts, and seeds. Plant sterols might help reduce cholesterol levels by limiting the amount of cholesterol that is able to enter the body.

Here are my thoughts:
It is made in Canada by a small business. It is my preference to buy Canadian so I liked that about these supplements. The capsule is veg (this is a must for me). It comes in a brown plastic glass bottle which does not allow light in so maintains the integrity of the product. I like that they are time-released.

Note that the instructions state that you should take these 2-3 hours before or after taking antibiotics.

Each bottle has a 1-month supply (30 capsules) however, the instructions say you can take up 2 as an adaptogen. At one pill a day, the price works out to $2.17/capsule making it the most expensive supplement I have ordered to date. However, it does combine several supplements into one so from that perspective it may actually be less expensive - all depends on what supplements you are taking.

The pills are easy to swallow, and there is no aftertaste.

Do they work? I'm honestly not sure. I have been taking one a day for a week and I don't really notice anything. I do routinely take ashwagandha and probiotics so maybe that’s why I don’t notice a lot. I mainly ordered these for their cholesterol-lowering function. Unfortunately, that’s not something I can comment on because I’d need to do a before and after with the doctor. Maybe I need more time? That's the thing though with's really hard to tell if they are working. You would need to stop all other supplements and maintain a consistent diet etc to see if you can attribute changes to the supplement.

Good combo of Ashwaganda and Probiotics

Good combo of Ashwaganda and Probiotics As I approach my 50s taking these supplements to maintain health If you reading this you probably already researched and decided to take these So if you’re like me, already take these in separate products, to have them combined is convenient!

15-30 day supply per bottle.

I got the 30 delayed release veggie capsules. The recommended dose is 1-2 capsules depending on your use. It is recommended to take 2 capsules per day if you are using it for stress reduction and increased energy. It is also recommended to take it with food. It doesn't stipulate if you should take the 2 capsules at the same time or the time of day. Based on my experience I preferred taking 1 capsule 1-2 times a day The capsules are of average size and were easy to swallow with water. I didn't notice any smell, taste or after taste. I didn't have any negative side effects. I took this product for a few days at a time during stressful times. And I noticed I had less upset stomach from stress, and I was crashing less mid-day. So far, I believe it does what it says it should do.